Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does energy deregulation work?

In the past, there was only one utility company and that company determined what price consumers should pay for the energy they used. Now, the electric and natural gas industries in America are undergoing significant restructuring in order to break up the monopolies.

In deregulated energy markets you now have the ability to choose your energy provider, rate type and many other options. If done correctly can mean savings up to 55% on your utility bills.

Q: Why use a Business Energy Broker?

We save your business time and money. Staying in-tune daily with wholesale energy markets, new producers and managing energy contracts is a full-time job.

With Business Energy Brokers you can capitalize on the benefits offered by deregulation without committing significant time and resources to understanding and following the markets. We get to know your business and your specific energy needs. Then we negotiate and price on your behalf to get the best rates and options every year.

After you have an agreement with a provider, we continue to service your business. In case your needs change, we are there to renegotiate new agreements that fit those needs.

Q. What are some of the factors that make energy procurement successful?

Important factors that lead to successful energy procurement include:
- An effective risk assessment in relation to the energy market
- Pricing wholesale markets for off-season rates
- Access to a large number of energy producers
- Effective long term and annual purchasing strategies

Rates available with-in 24 hours
With Business Energy your organization will have a dedicated Utility Broker/Manager to ensure the best rates now and every year forward. Start Here for a No Cost rate analysis and custom wholesale quotes.

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