Energy Management

Business Energy Management

Managing Markets, Rates And Contracts For All Clients.

Long Term Energy Solutions

Proactive Energy Management
Don’t get stuck buying energy from the same supplier simply because the contract is up. Always be ahead of new suppliers and rates with Energy Management Services.

Energy Management Made Easy
Our management team will navigate your business through market changes, utility rebates, and leveraging lower off-season rates every contract cycle. Add to your company’s bottom line and secure the best electric/natural gas rates every year with Business Energy Group.

Energy Management Service Includes:
- Managing Contract Cycles & Pricing
- Future Pricing Timed With Market Movement
- Leveraging Low Off-Season Rates
- Hedging Market and Regulatory Changes

Multiple Location Management

Best Rates Everywhere
Business Energy Management Service is perfect for clients with multiple locations even in different markets. With our nationwide and international footprint, balancing risk across your portfolio to leveraging rates in different territories is easy.

Group Buying

Leverage your way to more savings
We also organize Group Buying for businesses of all sizes. With Group Buying our clients get the buying power of hundreds of accounts when pricing future contracts. Group Buying programs happen periodically during the year, to join please contact a Business Energy Broker.

Nationwide Coverage

Energy Management For Everyone:
- Industrial Clients
- Property Management
- International Corporations
- Municipal Aggregates
- Any Organization With Multiple Locations


Now Everyone Can Save
Business Energy Managers are experienced at and ready to provide residential and commercial aggregation services to municipalities of any size. Get the best electric and natural gas rates for your entire community and save millions of dollars every year.

We Do It All

No Stone Left Unturned
In addition to wholesale electric and natural gas pricing Business Energy Managers can also consult on and provide services to reduce overall usage, LED retrofit, LEEDS certification, smart meter programming and green energy products.


Rates Available Within 24 Hours
With Business Energy your organization will have a dedicated Energy Broker/Manager to ensure the best rates now and every year forward.
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